Dale Carnegie

In Dale Carnegie our business is igniting workplace enthusiasm. We are putting the “employee” back in the employee engagement equation and our solutions work organization wide, with departments and teams or individual contributors.

Research has shown that companies with engaged employees outperform competitors by as much as 202%. Now, through a survey of 1500 employees, Dale Carnegie Training has found the KEY to creating engagement: Managers and Supervisors in companies. If they can create confident, inspired, enthusiastic and empowered employees, companies can drive engagement and bottom line results off the charts.

Dale Carnegie has been advocating the drivers of engagement for over 100 years. Creating engaged employees is our WOW  It’s what we do and what sets us apart. We show managers how to treat employees as valuable people with skills rather than as people with valuable skills.

Personal Specialties:
  • On-on-One presentation coaching for executives
  • Program / Seminar design & delivery
  • Webinar design and delivery
  • Delivery and Production of Online Training
  • Train-the-Trainer
  • Event design, delivery & follow through
  • Training of executives, mangers, sales people, coaches & trainers